Dunwoody Pinestraw

Commercial and Residential

Wheat Straw



1 bale covers an area approximately 80-73 square feet to a recommended depth of 2 inches.


Wheat Straw delivery installation

@$14.50 per bale tax included

Wheat Straw for delivery only

@$13.00 per bale tax included *no delivery charge

Minimun Delivery 25 BALES

Delivery is also available by trailer

735 bales per trailer
*commercial & residential

(Note: Pick up not available)


Grass seed is typically planted in freshly tilled soil. This soil should be kept moist and at a fairly consistent temperature, and spreading wheat straw over the newly planted grass seed can help with both these issues.

Also, the straw helps hide the seeds from hungry birds who can devastate your lawn before the seeds have a chance to germinate. When you are trying to grow grass on uneven or hilly ground, the straw can help reduce erosion and hold the seeds in place.

Delivery and Installation

Purposes and benefits of straw wheat