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Pinestraw is the fresh fallen pine needles consisting primarily of longleaf and shortleaf pines removed from the forest floor and bailed. is a great choice for renewable, native organic mulch.

Just a 2-3 inch layer of mulch is all that is required to create an effective weed barrier while allowing water to penetrate easily.
The pine needles interlock together and stick into the ground below. So even on landscapes with a considerable slope the pinestraw will not wash away under the frequent tropical rainstorms.

Pinestraw is slightly acidic so when it breaks down it keeps the soils ph low and acidic. Pinestraw makes an excellent choice as a mulch

Why Use Pinestraw?


Doesn’t float and wash away and breaks down more slowly, so it doesn’t need to be reapplied as frequently as other mulches.


Easily handled and lighter per cubic foot than most other mulches: bales are easy to carry and cover much more area by equivalent weight than most all other mulches!


No harvesting of trees to produce and it’s organic.


Cost per square foot competitive with other premium mulches

Soil Health

Breathes better, doesn’t compact, and allows for better water infiltration.

Plant Health

Organic material and nutrients to soil and reduces weeds .

Visually Appealing

The uniform color and fine texture brings out the color, contrast, and texture of your landscape.

Erosion Control

Doesn’t float and wash away so you can also use it where grass won’t grow to hold soil; great for sloped areas and walkways or paths.

Pest Free

Doesn’t attract termites.

Quick and Simple

Easy to apply; just grab handfuls and scatter by hand.


Long needle straw is also available per rolls:

50-99 Bales Installed $7,50 per Bale TAX Included

100-499 Bales Installed $6,95 per Bale TAX Included

500-999 Bales Installed $6,65 per Bale TAX Included

1000 or more Bales Installed $6,35 per Bale TAX Included