Dunwoody Pinestraw

Commercial and Residential

Lawn Maintenance Service

Lawn Maintenance Service

Dunwoody Pinestraw LLC.

Commercial and residential. Lawn maintenance service. Lawn cutting. Bed edging. Small trees & shrubs pruning. Lawn seeding and sodding. Yard full clean up. Weed control inside Pinestraw or mulch islands only. Seasonal color. Pick up sticks. Blowing entire property. Pinestraw and mulch installation.

Now is the time to act! Choose us for your landscaping & lawn maintenance service. You will not be disappointed. From landscaping to lawn maintenance. We do it all!

Dunwoody Pinestraw LLC. Only take weekly accounts 12 months straight = @ 1 year contract.

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Lawn Maintenance Services: are only offered to costumers who sign a 1-year contract and hire us for weekly maintenance.

From maintenance to landscape… we do it all!

Now is time to act! Choose us for your lawn maintenance services and landscape installation. You will not be disappointed.

Why choose dunwoody Pinestraw?

18 years… a tradition of quality, dependability and landscape skills.

client satisfaction… our clients keep coming back… because they trust us!

We know what we’re doing! We choose only the highest quality plants and plant them where they will flourish in your landscape.

We make sure you get the highest return possible from each dollar you invest in your landscape. That’s what it counts! We never compromise!